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.steal my heart.

Scary Loop Heidi Monster
20 March
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about that girl
My name is Earnest, Monster, and Hyde- despite my dislike for the Japanese rockstar everyone insists on calling me that. My qualms have died a long time ago, and so has my dignity.

Which girl?
Now I do it like this and He does it like that~ I'm pretty much in love with my boyfriend. I really am. It's a very impossible relationship, but we make it anyway.

oh, this one
I try to emulate Japanese street fashion. I love Japanese rock and Korean pop. By default, I'm a writer. I love buying gifts for people and I have thing for what my boyfriend calls "preppy music". Add me if you want, but be warned, I tend to emo and talk about my boyfriend and emo life way too much. :)

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l'arc~en~ciel, maroon 5, merry, metro station, tsubakiya quarttete